Client: Rad Urban
Contractor: Minh Viet Engineering & Construction JSC.

Welder qualification

Machined Node’s flanges

Fabricating Node: fit-up, welding, dimension control

Continue fabricating nodes

Raw material/ steel plate coming

CNC Cutting for 1st shipment

CNC Cutting

Continue cutting CNC for upcoming chassis.

T-beam fabrication: fit-up & welding.

Strengthen by strong back material before welding.

Lay-out & join deck plates

Fit-up angels on deck plate

Fit-up T-beams on deck plate.

Proceed welding

Lay out work stations

Welding quality

Final bottom side

Final top side

Packing & lashing for shipment #1

Continue fit-up chassis of shipment #2.

Continue welding chassis of shipment #2

Shipment #6: final inspection

Shipment #6: packing & lashing