Quality Assurance and Quality Control, Health, Safety and Environmental Policy, Provides Safe, Healthy Operations and minimize harm to the environment

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Minh Viet E&C has built an internal quality management system designed to maximize the cost effectiveness while maintaining the quality in every job.
The QHSE Department has played a major role in ensuring projects meet the clients’ expectations in terms of quality. Through extensive training for our QC staffs ensures high quality of work in all phases of production. This includes materials purchasing, fabrication, welding, installation, painting, building and all related documentation.
Currently, Minh Viet E&C is applying to be conformed ISO 9001:2008 certified by DNVGL and planning to get ISO Certification by August 2015.

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

Excellence in occupational health, safety and environmental standards is an essential part of achieving efficient profitability in industrial business. Minh Viet E&C therefore works at continuous improvement in these areas and will be guided by following principles:

Provides Safe, Healthy Operations and minimize harm to the environment

Minh Viet E&C strives to create a working environment where (have zero accident) accidents will not occur and in which employees, contractors and the public are not exposed to health hazards. Employees and contractors are being trained in workplace to ensure they fully are understand and comply with company policy on health, safety and environment.


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