Client: CSWIND Vietnam.

Product: ODIN Transportation Frame – Wind Tower

Scale: 65 sets – 325 tons:


Client: CSWIND Vietnam.

Product: Transportation Foots – Wind Tower

Scale: 200 sets – 200 tons:


Client: CSWIND Vietnam.

Product: Internal Parts of Towers

Scale: 300 Towers plus


Client: POSCO E&C.

Product: Pipe Stack of Siemens

Scale: 180 tons:


Client: CSMV Metal Vietnam JSC.

Product: Fabrication & Erection of Air Preheater & dust Collection..

Scale: 180 tons:

Client: Strategic Marine/ NEM

Product: Diverter Casing, Guillotines, Stack, Expansion Joint, Ladders & Platforms.

Scale: 200 Tons approx.


Diffusers with Inner Pods – ZITRON Mining

Refurbishment of Structural/ Piping/ Tanks of Polystyrene Plant

Coal Hoppers – Long Phu Power Plant.